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Upper School 9-12

 Macbeth Academy’s faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring that all of our high school students find success in their academic and personal lives. Our rigorous, highly selective upper school college preparatory program offers online courses and curriculum options designed to provide an academic challenge while inspiring curiosity and a passion for learning. 

  Macbeth Academy courses are developed by Stanford graduates. We are dedicated to providing gifted and academically talented students with a complete selection of core courses as well as electives required for graduation. Our certified teachers, AP © course offerings, and selection of honors courses provides students with an innovative and cutting edge education that is second to none. Our students develop skills that will prepare them for top post-secondary programs and prepare them with critical-thinking and problem solving skills.

Upper School Self-Paced Courses
Macbeth Academy partners with Edgenuity to provide a secular, fully online curriculum for students in grades 9-12. This online course offering is secular which is the best fit for families who prefer lessons without religious presentation. Once enrolled in Edgenuity courses our certified teacher will provide an academic coaching session which includes a pacing suggestions and pacing guide. With this option certified teachers offer grading and academic support as needed. This Upper School self-paced program is also customized to meet each student’s needs with a personalized plan of study. Click here to view a list of self-paced courses offered.


Online Upper School Curriculum Information

Macbeth Academy courses are online and, depending on the course, will incorporate virtual or physical textbooks and workbooks. We know that each student is an individual with their own appropriate learning style. Because of this, Macbeth Academy instructors will suggest learning materials based on student assessment. In addition, starting at grade 9, students can join or start their own student-led extracurricular club. 


   Our online upper school program prepares students two-fold. First, as a college preparatory program, we are creating a foundation for students to cope with the rigors of independent learning similar to that of a university setting. Second, we are preparing students for our Upper School program. Because of this, high achieving students have the opportunity to take high school level courses and earn AP © and high school credits that can be applied to their high school graduation. Once enrolled in the upper school program, all students meet with the academic coordinator to create an individualized academic plan that will help students meet their post-secondary and career goals. The courses that students are encouraged to take within this academic plan include, but are not limited to: 

Core Courses





World Language



Acting/ Performing Arts 

Art (Multimedia/ Photography) 




Upper School Academic Plan 

Upper School Academic Plan Structure

Macbeth Academy provides students with a complete and personalized guide to high school level learning. Our program plan guides students and parents through each quarter:


Academic Plan: Our Academic Counselors help parents create a grade specific course selection plan for each year. The goal is for students to have a well rounded online education while inspiring a continuous passion for learning. 


Progress Tracking: Each Course has regular course specific assessments built into the program. Progress allows parents, students, and teachers to properly understand whether students are grasping knowledge and appropriate next steps for continued knowledge acquisition. 


Flexible Schedule: Our flexible schedules are designed with the active student in mind. Students are given the flexibility to enroll in courses designed around their existing schedules. 


Homework: Macbeth Academy students are high achievers and need constant academic challenges. With this in mind, students are supplied with a weekly homework guide that supports associated coursework for the week. During private, one-to-one sessions homework is assessed for accuracy and skill mastery. Homework is scheduled enough for content revision and mastery outside of the classroom. Students are also encouraged to expand their knowledge using the Flipped Classroom model.


Upper School Academic Counseling

Macbeth Academy is dedicated to the success of our students. Each year our academic counselors meet with students to provide information to assist with the college admissions process. Starting in 9th grade, students will meet annually with an academic counselor to review topics including but not limited to: an overview of the college admissions process, what is expected of them, grade point average goals based on the academic institution (weighted/unweighted), sources of scholarships and financial aid, college entrance exam preparation, and more. 


 In addition, many of Macbeth Academy’s course offerings are University of California a-g, NCAA and AP © approved.



Macbeth Academy is a 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit organization supported by passionate people. 

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