About Our School

Head of the school

 Kayla Solinsky


About Our School

Pursuit of Excellence

Macbeth Academy is a fully accredited non-profit school that inspires creative and academic excellence in both our students and certified teachers. 


  • We are a school for all students who are naturally curious.


  • We are a school of certified teachers with years of experience and a dedication to professional and educational development.


  • We are housed online and therefore always accessible to our national and international students 

Mission Statement

The mission of Macbeth Academy is to create an international learning community of socially conscious and academically curious students and certified teachers. Our model of private virtual classes paired with a challenging curriculum ensures that students think critically, express themselves creatively, and achieve greatness. Our extracurricular programs provide opportunities for leadership development as well as peer-to-peer interaction. Macbeth Academy’s culture of encouragement shows students that there is no limit to their potential for achievement.

Vision Statement 

 The vision at Macbeth Academy is to provide gifted and academically talented students with the cutting edge technology, critical thinking and problem solving skills and socio-cultural opportunities to become conscious individuals in a globalized society. Our students around the world will have access to education technology to excel beyond the four walls of the classroom. 

Our Mission 

    At Macbeth Academy, our chief priorities are student learning and achievement. Students will develop critical thinking, problem solving, technological skills by being both actively engaged and constantly involved in the learning process. We are dedicated to moving student knowledge acquisition beyond the limits of the classroom through creative projects, co-curricular activities, and student-led community service programs. Our dedication to student, professional, and operational improvement ensures that our students are academically challenged, ever-curious, and inspired to improve the world around them. Our students are given opportunities to advance and achieve academically by maintaining a technologically advanced and intellectually engaging learning environment

Our History 

Macbeth Academy was founded in 2016 as an online creative writing program. Our mission has always been to inspire students to develop a passion for learning while making education accessible internationally via our online platform. Demand for Macbeth Academy courses and talented teachers rapidly grew to include core subjects, foundational courses, extracurricular clubs, and electives. Today, Macbeth Academy incorporates cutting-edge technology and a rigorous curriculum. We attract exceptional students and teachers, thereby creating a community of creative and innovative learning.



Macbeth Academy is a 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit organization supported by passionate people. 

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